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30MHz and Asian Perlite Industries partner to bring wireless sensing tech to Southeast Asian agriculture

May 29, 2018

Asian Perlite Industries, leading provider of greenhouse solutions in the Asia Pacific region, has partnered with agricultural technology provider 30MHz to become the first distributor of the company’s wireless smart sensing technology in Asia. With 30MHz wireless sensors and its intuitive analytics platform, the two companies will empower Asian growers in horticulture and floriculture to be more productive, sustainable and cost-effective by providing real-time insights on their crops and growing environment.

Agricultural intelligence made accessible

30MHz provides all the elements growers need to deploy a wireless sensor network and start capturing accurate, crop-level metrics in moments, without technical expertise. Customers select the combination of sensors that fit their needs (capturing metrics including vapor pressure deficit, dewpoint, soil moisture, EC/VMC, light intensity, CO2, temperature and humidity) and have the option to scale with more sensors, or new sensor types at any time. The user-friendly, customizable dashboard provides customers with full control over how data is displayed, with all metrics in one central location. For a greater overview of growing conditions, customers have the option to view sensor data alongside third-party data sources, like climate control systems.

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A natural fit with Asian agriculture

The partnership will focus on the agricultural markets in Southeast Asia, with a special interest in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia, Dalat, Vietnam, and the Philippines. With deployments in 14 countries spanning five continents, including Malaysia, Vietnam and Laos, increased focus on Asian agriculture is a natural progression for Dutch-founded 30MHz. “We see that growers in this region crave data, and tools to innovate and make the most of their resources. They want technology that isn’t complicated, and is quick to get started. This makes Asia a no-brainer for 30MHz. With 20 years of established trust in Southeast Asia, Asian Perlite Industries is perfectly positioned to bring the power of smart sensing to this market” says JP Papaioannou, Director Southeast Asia & China.


“30MHz provides an easy solution to show what is going on in the farms which takes away assumptions and guessing,” notes Luuk Runia, owner of Asian Perlite Industries. “The solution is affordable and farmers can easily expand and increase their sensors as the solution is highly scalable. Over my 20 years in the greenhouse space, I have seen many different systems. However, I really like 30MHz because the software interface is extremely user-friendly. 30MHz already works with leading customers in the Netherlands, such as Proeftuin Zwaagdijk, Kwekerij Moors and Jan de Wit, and I’m excited to bring cutting-edge Dutch agricultural innovation to Southeast Asia.”

30MHz already counts tomato and cucumber growers Fresh Grow Holdings, in Cameron Highlands, as customers. Michael Rapattoni, CEO of Fresh Grow Holdings added: “We are very excited to work with 30MHz. Their sensor solution will allow us to better manage our production numbers and it will take away the guessing game. One of our goals is to be a high-tech leader in the Asian region and our relationship with 30MHz is key to accomplishing this.”

About Asian Perlite Industries
Asian Perlite Industries was established in 1997 in Cameron Highlands, Malaysia by owner and director Luuk Runia, and is a leading provider of greenhouse solutions in the Asia Pacific region. Amongst its products are irrigation and water storage solutions, soil steaming, cooling systems and harvesting, grading, labeling and packaging machines.

About 30MHz
30MHz is a rapidly accelerating provider of smart-sensing technology. The innovative 30MHz technology comprises a network of wireless sensors and an analytical software platform which gives growers real-time insights on their crops and environment. The company is headquartered in the Netherlands and has regional offices in the UK, Hong Kong and Australia.


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