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Platform Subscriptions


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Connect your location to the 30MHz platform
Access to first-class digital infrastructure
Centralise data collection and digitally monitor crops without technical expertise
24/7 connectivity via a stable, secure and private wireless location network
Unlimited users, dashboards and groups
Manual data input, data exports and data sharing
Location-based weather data integration
Connect pre-configured, sourced and tested sensors from the 30MHz catalogue
1 year warranty on most hardware orders from 30MHz catalogue
Custom branding of your organisation within the 30MHz platform
Integrate third party data sources into the 30MHz platform 1 integrationUnlimited
Discount on crop-specific applications in app store5%10%


Wireless sensors for your digital infrastructure

Sourced, developed and tested with leading growers and horticultural research organisations, including Wageningen University, Proeftuin Zwaagdijk and Delphy, our wireless sensors are made specifically for the needs of modern horticulture. Designed for accuracy, flawless connectivity and remote placement, these tools are built to withstand the elements in all growing contexts. Build your digital infrastructure with a combination of sensors that suit your needs, and add new data sources at any time. All sensors arrive pre-configured and ready to deploy out of the box.

Click here to download the 30MHz Wireless Sensor Catalogue (PDF)

30mhz wireless sensor catalogue