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The data platform
for horti- and agriculture

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The data platform for your crops

We offer a central portal for every stakeholder in the agricultural sector. Growers, advisors, distributors, and researchers gain full insight into the climatic conditions of horticultural and agricultural produce. Our dataplatform ZENSIE ingests all kinds of data sources and analyses information interactively, enabling you to continuously improve the production process of crops, plants, seeds, and bulbs.​

How it works

Metrics that matter to growers

Capture the metrics you need to make a difference in your agribusiness. Our customers use crop-level data to drive yields, reduce losses, optimise irrigation, improve storage, prevent disease risk, and reduce energy. Know what your crops need by monitoring metrics including: VPD, dewpoint, moisture deficit, EC, VWC, temperature, light intensity, relative humidity and CO2.

Why they matter

Augment your climate control

Smart sensing data helps growers get a more accurate understanding of their plants and growing environment, providing crop-level, granular monitoring alongside the macro-level overview provided by climate control systems through the ZENSIE API. We’ve partnered with agricultural experts including Saint-Gobain Cultilene, LetsGrow and Sercom, and our integration with Klimlink makes it possible to view climate control data alongside sensor insights in the ZENSIE platform.

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Sensors built for horti and agri

Sourced and developed with agronomists, and tested by leading research institutions Wageningen University and Proeftuin Zwaagdijk, these rugged sensors are made for agricultural conditions. Accurate, watertight, airtight and built for flawless connectivity while withstanding the elements, sensors arrive pre-configured and ready to measure crops in any growing or storage environment.

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Innovating with the leading names in agriculture

How can smart sensing transform your agri business?
Crop-level data can help you drive productivity, increase sustainability and cut costs. Let's chat about which sensors are right for your context.