Smart sensors
for industry-grade insights

Your real-time metrics for the physical world
Meet the Sensor Toolkit

How it works

Wireless sensor hardware, ZENSIE software and the secure cloud helping you make the most informed decisions for your business.

Wireless sensors

Modular and customizable industry-grade sensors capture any metric, even from the most hard to reach places.

Secure cloud

Data is stored, analyzed and converted into usable information in a secure
 cloud environment.


Continuous monitoring, analytics and
alerts from the field to your device.

Smart farming starts here

Meet the starting point of your sensor network

The Pointed Temperature
Starter Kit

No more losses from burned fruits, vegetables or leaves. Track the temperature of your produce without contact.
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The Temperature Humidity
Starter Kit

Optimize your agricultural environments with real-time metrics on temperature and moisture from anywhere.
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Strong enough for industrial needs

Our wireless sensors are:


To fit any environment


With other software and applications


To withstand the harshest conditions

Easy to deploy

Even with thousands of sensors

The ROI of wireless sensors

Industry is evolving at lightning speed. To innovate and compete with maximum efficiency, you need the facts on your environment at all times.

Faster, more informed decision making

Use alerts and analytics to set strategic objectives and benchmark performance. Make the most informed decisions in every context.

Evidence-based optimization in the real world

Test real-life operations based on real-time data, streamlining processes and cutting costs.

Connect online and offline environments

Integrate physical insights into your online environment for a 360 degree overview of your business.

Measure the previously unmeasurable

Capture metrics that aren’t manually accessible and gather granular insights beyond single-value measurements.

Extend the life of your resources

Stay competitive by turning older equipment into modern, connected devices just by adding sensors.

No hefty consulting fees

Deploy quickly, easily and without the overhead. See the value of real-time environmental data immediately.

Data-driven innovators powered by 30MHz