Built for data that grows with your business

We’re ready for your data to grow alongside you. Whether you’re working with 5 wireless sensors or 5,000, it’s business critical that you have monitoring and insights exactly when you need them.

Designed by cloud computing experts for enterprise needs, the ZENSIE platform is built to extract and manage data in high volumes and at high frequencies while maintaining the integrity of each individual data point.
Resilient to changes in data capturing. Your sensor network can easily handle adjustments to notification settings in your dashboard, whether you’re setting new alert rules or a new metric to measure, without interruption.
Scalable without growing pains. 30MHz architecture is ready for large-scale enterprise projects. Add as many sensors as you need, at your own pace, with no fear of destabilization.
Secure cloud maintains uptime and reliability. The 30MHz Sensor Toolkit has been architected to maintain uptime and connectivity while maximizing security, so so your data gets straight to your dashboard exactly when you need it, without compromise.
Transparent about your data. 30MHz works with your data, so we think it’s only logical to make it available to you. There’s no black box, no fine print: download your raw metrics in CSV and use them however you want.
Ready to connect. Our API brings sensory data to other technologies, increasing relevance and responsiveness to the physical world. Connect your solution to any combination of sensors and see your data at work on the ZENSIE dashboard.