Pointed Temperature Starter Kit

Wireless sensor hardware, ZENSIE software and the secure cloud working together to make farming smarter.

2 X

Pointed Temperature Sensors

capturing temperature from fruits, vegetables and leaves of any shape in
real-time, without contact

30MHz Mother

ties internet to an extensible mesh network, so you can add sensors and grow your network at your pace

ZENSIE dashboard

brings deep analytics, alerts and visualizations through a user-friendly, customizable interface on any device

Optimizing crop nutrition has never been this easy

In modern agriculture, successful farming takes precision. Changes in environmental factors like surface temperature can make or break a harvest. The 30MHz Pointed Temperature Starter Kit has makes sensory data your business advantage. It's all the tools you need to start monitoring your crops and making the best decisions for productivity. No more surprises, just real-time alerts and analytics maximizing yields.

Reduce sunscald, manage nutrient delivery and make sure you’re growing the best product with a full overview of your agricultural environment at all times. The flexible and adjustable 30MHz infrared temperature sensor is designed to accommodate unconventional shapes, so there’s no fruit, vegetable or leaf that can’t be monitored. Built in collaboration with pepper farmers, the sensor puts real agricultural needs front and center.

30MHz Pointed Temperature Starter Kit Features and Specifications 30MHz Pointed Temperature Sensor Features and Specifications 30MHz Mother Features and Specifications

Precision farming starts here

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1 30MHz mother
2 pointed temperature sensors
Access to the ZENSIE dashboard free

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Wireless sensors are moveable and capture data from hard to reach places
Consistent uptime even in harsh environments or isolation
Add sensors at your pace without growing pains
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On a strategic level, the data collected by ZENSIE gave us added value for our real estate management straight away.

Andre van der Werf, Real Estate Manager at the Dutch Association for Mental Health and Addiction Care (GGZ), Noord-Holland-Noord

The more we measure, the more we know and the better we can arrange our greenhouses. That's why we started working with 30MHz.

Sander Berkers, Plant Manager Kwekerij Moors pepper farm

30MHz is a proactive, young, enthusiastic and dynamic company with a clear focus on the demands and requirements of the customer.

Yorick van Leeuwen, Leader Planning & Control EAME Syngenta