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Irrigation Management Kit

Monitor and manage your soil or substrate moisture levels

Soil moisture management

Soil moisture and its availability to support plant growth is a primary factor in irrigation efficiency. Too little moisture can result in yield loss and plant damage. Too much causes root disease and wasted water.

With a simple setup of the Moisture sensors that connect to an app-based dashboard accessible on your laptop, tablet and phone, you can start to track moisture levels relative to important preset thresholds. You can schedule irrigation events to keep moisture between those values. Soil moisture measurements provide the precision you need in order to apply the right amount of irrigation water at the right time.

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Irrigation Management Kit

The Irrigation Management Kit is developed to optimise growers’ irrigation strategies. The kit contains four Moisture sensors (TEROS 12 model), which carry out the measurements. The gateway collects the data, and forwards it to the Irrigation Management App where all the data is converted. This allows the grower to see exactly what’s happening via clear graphs in the 30MHz dashboard.

The sensors are compact, robust, and wireless, so they can be moved easily. The kit is solar powered; a practical and sustainable solution for continuously supplying the sensors with power.

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What does the kit yield?

Measuring soil moisture in practice has shown significant improvements, with 10% higher yields by no means uncommon. In fact, case studies by universities revealed that yields for some crops increased by more than 20%.

Besides saving cash, you also increase revenue. Optimal irrigation means less stress, so less damage, fewer losses, and a strong, healthy crop. This optimal irrigation shortens the growth cycle.

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What is the Irrigation Management App?

The app shows you how much water is available in the soil for the plant. A line graph shows you at a glance if your crop has enough water, or maybe even too much.

The measurement data from each individual sensor is displayed in a separate graph, or you can show the average of the measurement data in a line graph.

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Managing soil moisture is an important task for all growers. It doesn't matter if you grow vegetables, fruit, flowers or plants; instinct and experience are always important in this profession, but companies at the forefront use data. Data-driven cultivation is the future, and this easy-to-use app helps you take an important step forward.