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Data should work for the grower (and that means working together)

We’ve built the 30MHz horticulture data platform to serve the needs of growers in our community, both immediately and in the long term.


Data from sensors (our main data source) provides granular, crop-level intel on metrics ranging from light intensity and soil moisture, to VPD and dewpoint. With custom alerts, heatmaps, interactive graphs and collaborative group and comment features, growers can keep track of changing conditions in real time, while maintaining an annotated record of the crop’s history.

Integrations make sensory data even more powerful. Get real-time alerts on traceability data, benchmark your crop’s performance against the latest research on root zone, or keep track of greenhouse conditions on the macro and micro levels with metrics from your climate control system.

We know that serving the needs of growers means creating one centralised, usable and accessible platform. It needs to be intuitive to work with and provide endless flexibility and customisation, so growers have full control over how they use their data. See a possible connection? Get in touch with us, we’re API-friendly.
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