Reliability and uptime are non-negotiable

Whether it’s preventing crop loss or tracking asset damage, when you’re capturing business-critical metrics, your data needs to be real-time and consistent. The 30MHz architecture is built to extract and manage data in high volumes and at high frequencies, without interruption.

A strong mesh network with any combination of sensors

To ensure the highest level of stability, your sensors deploy to a private mesh network. In a mesh topography, if one sensor loses connectivity, the rest compensate. This guarantees the network is immune to interruptions.

Our sensors capture some of the most relevant metrics for manufacturing, agriculture, space utilisation and transport. Don’t see the sensor you need? Get in touch, we’re always looking to collaborate on new solutions.

The 30MHz Mother

At the heart of the Smart Sensing Toolkit is the gateway. The 30MHz Mother ties the internet to your private mesh network. Waterproof and durable, a single Mother can mesh up to 4,000 sensors, even in the harshest industrial conditions.

The 30MHz Connect

The 30MHz connect brings any sensor online and makes it wireless. Our sensors already contain a connect, and it’s this device that makes it easy to make third-party sensors wireless and interoperable with our Smart Sensing Toolkit.

ZENSIE: the Dashboard

An easy to use and customizable dashboard that you can access on any device with real time alerts and deep analytics. Accessible on any device, ZENSIE starts generating powerful insights and visualizations from wireless sensors moments after setup.


Our API makes it easy to see sensory data in the context of other technologies. Connect your solution to the Smart Sensing Toolkit and see your data at work in the ZENSIE dashboard or your own application.
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