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ZENSIE basic concepts

Here are some of the main concepts that will help you get to know your ZENSIE.

What is a Check in ZENSIE?
A check contains all the information needed for setting up a sensor and receiving data from it.

How do we define Organizations and Locations in ZENSIE?
Organizations can have multiple locations. This feature is helpful when you want to monitor different environments located in different areas. For example, if you monitor room occupancy and you have two buildings, you can create two locations under the same organization.

User roles in ZENSIE
There are three roles:

  • owners
  • editors
  • followers

Depending on the role the user has, several features (permissions) are available. For example, the owner of the organization can invite users. Editors and followers cannot invite users.

Here’s a table that let’s you understand these differences a bit better:

Invite membersDepends on group settings and can only invite editors/followersDepends on group settings and can only invite followers
Edit member roles
Delete membersOnly if they invited them in the first placeOnly if they invited them in the first place
Create dashboards
Edit dashboard names
Delete dashboards
Add sensors
Remove sensors   (if they shared it)   (if they shared it)
Create widgets in dashboard
Edit widgets in dashboard
Edit Group names, descriptions, and contol who can invite other members
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