We're 30MHz

We make smart sensing easy for industry

We help organizations of all sizes turn data from their physical environments into actionable insights at industrial scale.

Bringing the power of smart sensing to any business
We believe that smart sensing doesn’t have to be expensive, difficult or take long to deploy. That’s why we’ve built a modular, scalable and user-friendly product that lets you set up a wireless sensor network in moments and start capturing data straight away.

Driving productivity with information
You know your business and its challenges best. You don’t need to be told how to do your job, you just need the very best tools to increase productivity, drive sustainability and cut costs. The 30MHz Smart Sensing Toolkit is industrial scale IoT, straight out of the box: wireless sensors that can withstand any condition, a scalable mesh network, real-time alerts and an analytics dashboard giving you the data to make the best decisions for your organization. All it takes is a few minutes and an internet connection: just choose your combination of sensors and get started.

Sensory data to optimize your industry

Data is your organization’s greatest asset. The more you know about your environment, the better you can identify inconsistencies, respond to changing circumstances, benchmark performance and prevent business interruption and loss. The Smart Sensing Toolkit brings you real-time notifications and historical reports on a custom dashboard available on your mobile, tablet and desktop.

30MHz features

You’re in control

The Smart Sensing Toolkit is designed for customization: control what you conditions you measure, how you see your data and user permissions from any device.

Fast deployment

Unbox your sensors and start measuring. Set up a wireless network in minutes, regardless of technical abilities.


Our interface was built to deliver value across your organization. It’s intuitive and easy to customize, so your whole team can use it without a steep learning curve.

Own your data

It’s data on your business environment, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t own it. Customers are sole proprietors of data, and can export it easily in CSV.

Our expertise and our customers’ vision

Making the Internet of Things simple is no easy feat, but we can actually say we’ve written the book on it (several, actually). Born out of successful cloud consultancy 9apps, 30MHz was founded by world-leading experts on cloud computing, systems architecture, distributed and embedded software, user experience, hardware and industrial design. Together our founders have written several introductory and advanced books on Amazon AWS for O’Reilly.
We’re IoT experts, but it’s our customers that are transforming their industries with sensor technology. To make sure we’re meeting their sectors’ needs, we keep customers at the forefront, as partners in innovation. From a flexible sensor built to measure the surface temperature of any plant, to 3D modelling mooring posts in a port, every product has been the result of collaboration with 30MHz customers.
How can smart sensing transform your industry?
Physical data can help you drive productivity, increase sustainability and cut costs. Let's chat about which sensors are right for your context.