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Smarter farming starts with data

Drive crop yields with real-time temperature monitoring

In modern farming, the more you know the better. The 30MHz Sensor Toolkit is the central hub for your farm data, with alerts and analytics on your changing physical environment directly on your desktop, tablet or mobile. From durable wireless sensors and a scalable network to detailed user-friendly dashboards, the Toolkit is a complete and scalable smart farming IoT solution.

Developed in collaboration with industrial pepper farmers for more precise irrigation and nutrition delivery, the 30MHz infrared temperature sensor is designed to accommodate unconventional shapes, so there’s no fruit, vegetable or leaf that can’t be monitored.

Working with 30MHz is a life changing experience. They are amazing.

Anton Bensdorp – Ultrafris

Find your use case

With more than 3600% ROI, the 30MHz Sensor Toolkit has helped our customers make agribusiness more efficient, sustainable and productive. Leave us your details and we’ll get in touch with a solution that fits your context.

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Temperature Humidity Sensors

capturing metrics on temperature and moisture from anywhere
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30MHz mother

ties internet to an extensible mesh network, so you can add sensors and grow your network at your pace
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ZENSIE dashboard

brings deep analytics, alerts and
visualizations through a user-friendly customizable interface on any device
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You decide what you measure

Choose any combination of sensors to track the precise metrics you need.

Connect all data sources

Connect existing devices and third party sensors for a full overview of your environment.

You own the data

It’s your data— use it how you want with easy CSV export.

Scale at your pace

Connect sensors into the hundreds of thousands without interruption.

All you need is wifi

Deploy without IT involvement. All you need is a few minutes and a wireless connection.

Data-driven innovators powered by 30MHz