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Solar repeater

A sustainable solution for uninterrupted sensor data transmission in the field

Compact design

Resistant to UV light, water, and heat

Mounting bracket supplied
The 30MHz Solar repeater is a sustainable solution for uninterrupted sensor data transmission in the field, where a power supply may not always be available. In just three hours, the solar panel generates enough energy to power the repeater for a whole day. The high-capacity battery stores this energy, with a fully charged battery providing power for 12 days of operation.

The Solar repeater is included as standard in the Irrigation Management Kit, along with a regular repeater with the same range. The transmitted data is processed by the gateway and displayed in the Irrigation Management App.

Instructions are provided to answer all your questions, and the 30MHz Support Team is always on hand for further assistance.

The 30MHz Solar repeater

The solar panel is positioned to cast a shadow on the device housing, which reduces the battery’s exposure to high temperatures and lengthens its service life. The specially designed brackets supplied with the device make installation simple.
For details read the specifications
Device housing
Solar panel
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