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Pointed Microclimate sensor

Capture the granular climate of individual crops in real-time


Surface temperature

Air temperature



VPD (vapor pressure deficit)

Ambient humidity

Humidity deficit

Pointed Micro Climate sensor
Power source: battery
Ingress protection: IP67 watertight
Suitable for measurements in the sun
Temperature humidity element: mounted in the Barani Design MeteoShield Pro that protects it from sun and allows for ventilation
Range: 0-100% relative humidity; -40 – 125 C temperature
Accuracy: 2% ; 0.2 C
Pointed temperature element: mounted in a flex tube that allows for the sensor to be aimed at an object

-40 – 125 C ambient temperature

-70 – 380 C object temperature

0.5 C accuracy

FOV (field of view):
10 degrees
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