the analytics platform for your business

Insights, immediately

ZENSIE starts generating powerful insights and visualizations from wireless sensors moments after setup.

Plug and play

No installation costs, no consulting. All you need is a few minutes and an internet connection.

Your environment on a personalized dashboard


on any device

30MHz mother + connect

set up your network

Any sensor

on your dashboard

Simple. Powerful. Ready to deploy.

A centralized global overview

Track environments across the globe in a single dashboard. Create custom reports and visualizations based on location, or set a particular location as a benchmark for comparison.

Deployment from any device

Add new sensors to the ZENSIE dashboard and set custom alerts in minutes from any device with a web connection.

Adjustable permissions

Enable multiple team members to track sensor data in ZENSIE. Set permissions for active members (able to adjust sensors and notifications) and passive members (view data and generate reports.)

Pause sensors and monitoring

Capture data from the sensors you need, only when you need them. Pause sensors whenever they’re unnecessary, whether it’s seasonally, weekly or overnight. Reactivate with one simple step.

Integrate connected devices

Make ZENSIE the central hub for your connected devices. Add wireless printers to get alerts on paper shortages, be notified when the coffee machine is running low and run web connectivity checks, all from one dashboard.

Organize sensors with custom tagging

Visualize the exact data you need. Easily sort sensors beyond the existing ZENSIE categories of sensor type and location by adding custom tags.

CSV export

Your data is powerful. Use it your way, with ZENSIE’s easy CSV export option.