All your sensors connected on one dashboard

ZENSIE dashboard

30MHz Connect

Any sensor

The ZENSIE dashboard brings data from all your sensors, whether they’re from 30MHz or a third party onto one flexible, customizable dashboard.
A 30MHz Connect device easily makes 3rd party sensors wireless and ZENSIE ready, so no metric is out of reach.

Third party sensors we work with

We’ve made sure that even the most industry-specific of sensors have integrated seamlessly into the ZENSIE dashboard. Below are just a few examples.

Production Line Optimizing Sensor

A conveyor belt counter sensor for optimization of production lines. The sensor counts all the bags that pass the grid, while the ZENSIE dashboard displays data in various time options.

Used in: Agriculture

Ethylene Monitoring Solution

System integrating ethylene sensors, light sensors and humidity sensors to help farmers control key variables during orchid production.

Used in: Agriculture

Infrared Temperature Pepper Sensor

A custom-developed flexible pepper sensor which can measure the temperature of a pepper from a very close range, reducing burn rates in pepper production.

Used in: Agriculture

Your sensor solution?

Capture the metrics relevant to your business with wireless sensors and the ZENSIE dashboard.

Used in: Any industry

Beyond sensors: all your devices on the same dashboard

A full overview of all your sensors, with real-time alerts and insights, is a competitive advantage. But what if you could keep a check on every connected device in your environment in one centralized place? Just connect to ZENSIE for eyes and ears on any business asset, from web connectivity checks and printer ink levels, to solar panels, greenhouses and anything in between.