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The data platform for horticulture

Collaborative, interactive allround crop insights

What exactly does data-driven horticulture yield? What are the benefits of real-time crop monitoring? And why should a data platform be a standard element of the cultivation process?

These are all questions that live within this community of growers, breeders, consultants and researchers. We help them to optimise the production and distribution of crops throughout the chain. It is important that you as a user can easily analyse, share and discuss data.

Growers exchange knowledge, experiences and strategies to take advantage of the many opportunities and to deal with threats as best as possible. From cultivation to harvest, and from packaging to shipping. Within our data environment, we offer all kinds of functionalities to constrain these threats and boost production. These have all been recommended by and are based upon the experience of professionals within the sector.

Pricing Platform Subscriptions

Growing Degree Units

Growing degree days (GDD) are used to estimate heat accumulation and predict the development of plants and pests. An even more accurate measure is growing degree hours (GDH), where on an hourly basis the average temperature is used to calculate the growing degrees.
Time your yield

Social feed

Stay up to date on your colleague’s work, share knowledge and create an interactive record of your past crop strategy with a feed of comments and images.
Keep up with the conversation

Visual comments

Dive into your live and historical data to flag anomalies, keep notes, add pictures or ask questions of colleagues. Keep the dialogue in a central platform where data is easily shared and exported, but you’re the sole proprietor.
Get the picture

Manual data input

With the manual input feature, we make it easy to bring data collected the low-tech way straight into the 30MHz data platform, and interact with that data alongside crop-level data, or data from a climate control system. And, as with all other data in the 30MHz platform, users can share, compare and collaborate with colleagues.
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Work more efficiently in groups

Groups are a new way to work together on specific projects monitoring and responding to crops’ needs. Invite team members within and outside your organisation, set permissions and choose the sensors you work with in this interactive workspace.

Why collaboration matters

Gauge your sensor values

Meet gauges. An easy way to see your metrics relative to maximums and minimums. Choose your sensor, choose your metric, select a time period, set your max and mins, and get monitoring.
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Visualise notifications in charts

So you’ve set your dynamic range notifications, now what? Map notification perimeters to your charts, so you can see when your crop levels have gone out of bounds.

Here's how it works

A modern, powerful API

From data from climate control systems, to insights on root zone, irrigation or traceability, view granular crop-level measurements alongside the agri-data relevant to you.
More on our API

Image upload

Make sensor measurements tangible by plotting sensor values onto your choice of images. Visualize sensor readings on maps, diagrams, or photographs.
More about the image upload feature


Get more out of your sensor measurements with calculations that deliver new metrics. Use the 30MHz data platform to calculate dew point, vapor pressure deficit, temperature hours, combined utilization and more.
More about calculations in the 30MHz data platform

Share sensor insights

Selectively share sensory data with third parties. Dashboard social sharing lets individuals outside your organization (like partners, customers or advisors) observe changing conditions in your environment in real-time.
More about sharing widgets


Value heat maps generate live-animated, color-coded visualizations of the state of your crops, with a useful bird's eye view of changes.
More on 30MHz data platform heatmaps


Set up custom notifications when sensor values cross certain thresholds, get alerts on uptime and connectivity, and stay up to date on each device’s battery life in real-time with alerts via email or sms.
More on 30MHz data platform notifications


Track single sensor measurement values or compare metrics with easily customizable graphs and visualizations. Drill down by time frame, location and measurement frequency, and compare locations on a global scale.
More on 30MHz data platform charts

Zoom in on your data

Simply click into your chart, click on the starting point you want to zoom into, hold down your mouse, and drag to your desired end point. Let go, and you'll be forwarded to the zoomed view of your data.
It's that simple

Export data

Data is a valuable asset, and we make sure you have full control over who accesses it. Customers are sole proprietors of their sensor data, and can easily download it in CSV.
More on 30MHz data platform data export

Compare locations

Track environments across the globe in a single dashboard. Create custom reports and visualizations based on location, or set one space as a benchmark for comparison.
More on comparing locations in the 30MHz data platform

Customise your branding

Upload logos, change colours, adjust the look and feel of your dashboards and groups and create pre-set themes for yourself, your team members or your customers.
Brand your data

Setting up bar charts

Next to the usual graphs we've also given you the option to create bar charts in three different ways: single value charts, multiple sensor data points in one chart, or combine different values.
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