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The data platform for horti- and agriculture

Unlock your insights
see all your data points, from sensors to climate computers, in context on the ZENSIE dashboard
Sensory data that scales
ZENSIE makes it quick and easy to manage and scale you sensor network across locations, from any device, with zero code. Start generating insights through graphs, visualizations and real-time notifications with a customizable dashboard that takes moments to set up, and deploys new sensors in minutes. Get a complete overview of your greenhouse, storage facilities, arable fields or processing plants by exploring and comparing metrics from sensors across the globe. Make the most of your data across the value chain by easily sharing with stakeholders through managed permissions and CSV export.

Powerful insights, all in one place
This is the end of siloed analytics. No more juggling between interfaces that won’t communicate and don’t share. Your data is stronger together, make the most informed decisions with information from across systems. Use the ZENSIE API to see your sensory data in context: view climate computer data within ZENSIE, or send data from sensors to your climate computers.

A modern, powerful API

Connect data across technologies and see your insights in context. Use the ZENSIE API to bring data captured by your wireless sensors to external applications, or ingest third-party data into the ZENSIE dashboard.
More on our API

Image upload

Make sensor measurements tangible by plotting sensor values onto your choice of images. Visualize sensor readings on maps, diagrams, or photographs.
More about the image upload feature


Get more out of your sensor measurements with calculations that deliver new metrics. Use ZENSIE to calculate dew point, vapor pressure deficit, temperature hours, combined utilization and more.
More about calculations in ZENSIE

Share sensor insights

Share data from your sensors with third parties. Dashboard social sharing lets your individuals outside your organization (like partners, customers or advisors) observe changing conditions in your environment in real-time.
More about sharing widgets


Used in combination with the image upload feature, heat maps generate color-coded visualizations of sensor value concentrations, sensor locations or signal strength across photographs, diagrams or maps.
More on ZENSIE heatmaps


Set up custom notifications when sensor values cross certain thresholds, get alerts on uptime and connectivity, and stay up to date on each device’s battery life in real-time with alerts via email, sms and pop-ups in the ZENSIE dashboard.
More on ZENSIE notifications


Track single sensor measurement values or compare metrics with easily customizable graphs and visualizations. Drill down by time frame, location and measurement frequency, and compare locations on a global scale.
More on ZENSIE charts

Export data

Data is a valuable asset, and we make sure you have full control over who accesses it. Customers are sole proprietors of their sensor data, and can easily download it in CSV.
More on ZENSIE data export

Control measuring frequency and billing

Pay only for the measurements you need, by adjusting how you measure with changing contexts. Switch measuring frequency, or pause sensors when you aren’t using them.
More on measuring frequency

Compare locations

Track environments across the globe in a single dashboard. Create custom reports and visualizations based on location, or set one space as a benchmark for comparison.
More on comparing locations in ZENSIE
Any questions about the Smart Sensing Toolkit?
Want to know more about our sensors, dashboard or connectivity? Ask us anything, we're here to help.