A dashboard for your physical environment

Get a complete real-time overview of your
greenhouse, storage facility, port, office or manufacturing plant
ZENSIE is the dashboard for all your physical data, generating powerful insights and visualizations from wireless sensors moments after setup. Drill down and compare metrics from all 30MHz sensors, and keep a check on every connected device in your environment in one place.

Full control over how you see your data

ZENSIE is user-friendly, customizable and available on mobile, tablet or desktop. See your data how you want it: compare values, generate graphs, adjust time frames and visualize metrics on maps, photos or illustrations of your space or assets.

Compare locations all over the world

Track environments across the globe in a single dashboard. Create custom reports and visualizations based on location, or set one space as a benchmark for comparison.

Own your data

It’s your data— you should have full access to it. Customers are sole proprietors of their information, and can easily download it with our CSV export feature.

Get notified when there’s a change

Set the conditions for real-time alerts and be informed as soon as your environment changes. Receive notifications within ZENSIE, via email or SMS.

Set up sensors in minutes on any device

30MHz sensors arrive pre-configured and pop up on your dashboard in moments, so deployment is seamless and immediate.

Manage permissions across your team

Customize access to dashboards, alerts and data for any user in your organization. Active users adjust sensors and notifications while passive users view data and generate reports.

Pause sensors when you don’t need them

Capture data from the sensors you need, only when you need them. Pause sensors whenever they’re unnecessary, whether it’s seasonally, weekly or overnight. Reactivate with one simple step.

See all your data in one place

Make ZENSIE the central hub for your connected devices. Add wireless printers to get alerts on paper shortages, be notified when the coffee machine is running low and run web connectivity checks, all from one dashboard.
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