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30MHz believes that with data and sensor technology, agribusinesses of any size can innovate to be more efficient, sustainable and productive. Using easy to deploy wireless smart sensing technology, we enable growers to translate data from crops and growing environments into actionable insights at industrial scale.

With the Smart Sensing Toolkit, 30MHz is lowering the barrier to entry to sensor technology. Modular, easily scalable and deployable in minutes without technical expertise, 30MHz technology is designed for quick roll-out of sensors from the dozens to the hundreds of of thousands, with a dashboard that makes data monitoring simple and user-friendly on any device.


Crop-level wireless sensing

Developed with growers and agricultural research institutions, the 30MHz sensor portfolio continuously expands to accommodate the pragmatic needs of the agricultural sector. Current offerings include the Pointed Temperature sensor (for crop-level object temperature), Pointed Microclimate sensor (which measures dewpoint, VPD, crop temperature, ambient temperature and air humidity), CO2 sensor, temperature-humidity sensor for storage, soil moisture sensors (for substrates, potting soil and arable land), PAR sensor, air flow, wind speed and wind direction sensors. Durable and built to withstand the elements, these sensors are built for contexts with severe conditions, whether in the field, greenhouse or cold storage.


A platform for agricultural data

The ZENSIE dashboard makes it easy to monitor and manage wireless sensors moments after setup. Customers can compare different metrics in graphs, visualize real-time data on uploaded photos or heat maps,and set custom alerts as conditions change.


  • Detailed microclimate monitoring at crop level in greenhouses and cells
  • Cooling cell monitoring and monitoring
  • An overview of all business locations on one dashboard
  • Optimizing nutritional gift, irrigation, heating and ventilation
  • Simple and direct sharing of selected data with the supply chain
  • Tracking asset utilization
  • Monitor the use of company assets such as processing machines
  • Tracking and improving transport conditions
  • Easy to export data and analyzes as a product guarantee for the customer
  • Measuring weather and soil conditions in arable fields
  • Measuring the weather and soil conditions of fields


Uptime is non-negotiable

The 30MHz platform is designed for reliability and uptime in the most extreme agricultural conditions, processing data in high volumes and at high frequencies in every environment. Each customer’s private mesh network— in which sensors communicate with each other via the gateway— ensures data transmission even when individual sensors are down, compensating for this loss, and resulting in a network that is immune to interruptions.


30MHz customers

With global customers from the Netherlands to Belgium, Denmark, the UK, Russia, Kenya, Canada and the United States, 30MHz has a proven track record in the agricultural sector. Among the customers are Syngenta, Proeftuin Zwaagdijk, Bejo Zaden, Rijk Zwaan, Pop Vriend Seeds, Jan De Wit and Sons, Kwekerij Moors, Wageningen University and Ludvig Svensson.