Press Kit

Our vision

30MHz believes that with technology and data, organizations of any size can innovate to become more efficient, sustainable and cost-effective. Using easy to deploy wireless sensors, we’re empowering businesses to turn metrics captured from the physical world into actionable insights at industry-scale.

With the 30MHz Toolkit, we’re making sensor technology applicable across industries and accessible in any context. Our scalable and interoperable plug-and-play solution is designed for quick roll-out of sensors in the thousands, and our dashboard makes data monitoring simple and user-friendly from any device.

What sets us apart

Unlike existing sensor technologies, the 30MHz Sensor Toolkit isn’t confined to a few industries or verticals. Our generic and modular sensor technology allows for full customization to measure even the most specific of metrics for even the most specialized of industries.

30MHz uses wireless sensors and an intuitive analytics dashboard to help organizations turn real-time data on the physical world into business intelligence. The 30MHz Sensor Toolkit is flexible and durable enough for any industrial use case, so no data is out of reach. Start monitoring moments after setup. No installation costs, no consulting fees. All you need is a few minutes and an internet connection.