We’re coming to TechXLR8, and we want to talk about you

June 06, 2017

The city: London. The venue: ExCeL. The event: TechXLR8– three days of talks, demos and exhibitions on the technology that’s changing how we live, work and do business. Next week, June 13 through 15, TechXLR8 is bringing together the best of London Tech Week, all in one spot. Tickets are free, so be sure to reserve yours.

If you walk around the ExCeL exhibition centre during the event, chances are you’ll hear your fair share of product pitches. How certain technologies are disrupting an industry, or how a technology is like [famous app] for [other industry].

If you’re interested in smart sensing, monitoring your environment, or IoT for industrial sectors, definitely drop by the 30MHz stand– stand 430, at IoT World.

Just don’t expect an elevator pitch.

Turning your environment into a data source doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated to deploy.

We’ve created a standalone smart sensing product that lets you set up a private sensor network, connect the right sensors to measure what you need, and start collecting and analyzing data in minutes, without the help of IT.

But we want to talk about you. What industry do you work in? What are the challenges you’re facing? What information do you need to make your business more effective?

Let’s talk about how data from sensors can help you drive profits, minimize risk, lower energy consumption or streamline operations. We’ve watched our customers use data from their environments to create more sustainable ports, grow better produce, minimize their overhead and transform how they think about risk.

Let’s talk about how you’re going to change your industry, and how sensors can help.
Meet us at IoT World, stand 430 at TechXLR8.

Already have some ideas on what you’d measure? Let’s get the conversation started– let us know in the form below.


How can smart sensing transform your industry?
Sensory data from physical environments is helping businesses across industries make better decisions, improving productivity and cutting costs. Let's talk about how smart sensing can work for your organization. Get in touch below.

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