Visit our stand at Seed Meets Technology

August 10, 2017

From the 26th until the 28th we’ll be showing our latest sensor innovations at Seed Meets Technology in Zwaagdijk. Next to that we’re more than happy to answer all your questions about our current solutions such as the Pointed Temperature Sensor, the temperature/humidity sensor, and the PAR-sensor.

Here’s a list of what we will be showing you:

Real-time and continuous measurements of dew point

Measuring dew point is not a new thing. There are systems that map the dew point of a large area, and applications that base dew point measurements on data from the immediate vicinity of the plant. If you combine this last option with a very accurate, continuous and real-time temperature measurement of the plant or fruit, you’ll get the unique wireless ZENSIE solution that gives dew point insights on crop levels and at times that matter to you. This application has a proven track record in, among other things, the paprika, strawberry and tomato cultivation industry.

Soil sensors

Whether you grow in pots, substrate mats or the full soil, 30MHz makes it possible to get affordable, scalable and wireless insights into the moisture content of all kinds of crops. The soil sensor we offer is wireless and does not have to be checked manually. The data is displayed real-time in the dashboard. It is also possible to set the soil type and calibration so that the measurements always match with previous data.

Mobile ZENSIE Mother

Where the 30MHz Sensor Toolkit already knows its way within greenhouse horticulture, it is now possible for arable farmers and open ground cultivators to use this flexible, scalable and wireless networking solution too. This is due to the development of a mobile gateway, the ZENSIE Mother. This unit, which sends all data from the sensors within the network to the dashboard, provides itself with energy by solar panels. In addition, a built-in dongle provides data traffic so you no longer depend on a fixed internet connection. This makes our network even more flexible and you can measure your crops, bulbs or flowers at any location

Registration Seed Meets Technology

We would like to tell you more about our innovations during the event and are also very curious about your story and questions. Visit our stand or check out our presentation.

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