UK: Let’s meet at the 2017 Cucumber and Pepper Conference

October 02, 2017

30MHz is thrilled to be joining the 2017 Cucumber and Pepper Conference in Essex this week. Organised by the Cucumber Growers Association, Pepper Technology Group and AHDB Horticulture, this is an excellent forum for growers to exchange ideas and discuss new and emerging technologies with other growers, scientists, fresh produce technologists and horticultural suppliers. Let’s talk about smart sensing and data for more productive and sustainable crops.

When:  05/10/2017; 09:00-16:30
Where: Waltham Abbey Marriott Hotel, Essex EN9 3LX
How can smart sensing transform your industry?
Sensory data from physical environments is helping businesses across industries make better decisions, improving productivity and cutting costs. Let's talk about how smart sensing can work for your organization. Get in touch below.

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Can smart sensing prevent potato rot and blight?

This past week, the 30MHz UK team had the opportunity to join Agritech-East for its annual REAP event. Throughout the day of talks, we saw first-hand just how important a role technology can (and must!) play in creating a sustainable, productive and profitable future for agriculture. But if technology is going to make farmers’ jobs ...
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Saving farmers’ time with smart sensing technology

“How do they do it?” The 30MHz team meets with its fair share of farmers, in the Netherlands and the world over. We get to tour greenhouses, fields and storage facilities, and hear firsthand from farmers how they work, what their challenges are, and where technology can play a role in increasing sustainability and productivity. With ...
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