Here’s how sensor technology takes the risk out of innovation

October 24, 2016

Two types of companies tend to be most focused on innovation: startups, and enterprise-sized corporates. Startups in their earliest stages innovate out of necessity— low budgets and survival mode lead to a “fail fast” and “implement whatever works” mentality. Pivot is an option. Large corporates have the resources to take risks and scout innovative startups to work with. Incubating new technologies is within their yearly budgets. So what happens to the growing, midsize company?

Can midsize companies afford to innovate?
Absolutely. But they’re more risk-averse than startups and don’t yet have the budget of the corporates. Midsize companies are working with larger budgets, but often lack the margins to budget in experimentation. They risk getting overly comfortable in a “don’t fix what isn’t broken” mindset, and losing their edge.

We need to take the risk out of innovation
Serving companies of all sizes means providing affordable tools that facilitate innovation and experimentation with little risk. In the IoT space, this means removing the need for long and expensive consultations, dramatically lowering development and implementation time and putting scale fully in the hands of the customer. At 30MHz, we’ve dedicated our company to making this a reality.

Real-time feedback drives experimentation
Wireless sensors are IoT technology at its most accessible. Sensory data captured from real business environments makes operations evidence-based, immediately. Sensors (can be) affordable, easily implemented and can have an impact on organizations even in small numbers. Just a few strategically placed sensors can provide the environmental insights needed to streamline processes and cut costs. Because wireless sensors capture data in real-time, they provide instantaneous feedback on the effectiveness of decisions. With such quick feedback loops, businesses can optimize operations on a rolling basis, never wasting time looking in the rear-view mirror.

Measurement is IoT at its most monetizable
With a low barrier to entry and little financial risk for implementation, wireless sensors offer a significant return on investment for medium-sized businesses looking to increase efficiency, responsiveness, and sustainability. Measurement of physical spaces enables organizations to benchmark operations, identify pain points, and compare the effectiveness of operational strategies— and all it takes is a few smart sensors and an internet connection.

We want to hear from you: what would you measure?Let us know how to reach you below, and we'll get in touch with what sensors are best for your business context.


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