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Rijk Zwaan online event: How to use data in growing decisions

April 15, 2021

We are really happy to announce that we will participate in an online event organised by Rijk Zwaan. On the 27th of May, 30MHz will join a table discussion about Data Driven Growing. Together with two other data experts, we will talk in English about using data to optimise growing strategies. Interested about the use of technology in horticulture? Register now to join the event!

International plant breeding company Rijk Zwaan is hosting a series of online table talks with experts to show the use of technology in horticulture. The next edition is all about data. How can you collect data and use it to optimise your business decisions? That’s one of the many questions that will be discussed. As the data platform for horticulture, where are looking forward to join this discussion! We’d love to share the benefits of using data in a growing environment. The event is accessible for anyone interested. No matter if you’re a student or an experienced grower, there will be something to learn for everybody.

A sneak peek of what you can expect by our product owner Mirjam Bekker: “Data in itself is interesting, but what you really need are actionable insights based on your data. That way data becomes information.”
Check out the teaser

A breeder, a grower and a data specialist

Joining 30MHz during this discussion, will be grower Maikel van den Berg, co-owner of MR Seeds and a frontrunner in the area of data driven growing. He believes that in 5 years time, most of the greenhouses are being controlled autonomous. Mike Poodt is the other expert. He is a consultant digital crop technology at Rijk Zwaan. Mike will share his insights, based on his years of experience in breeding technology. The table talk will be lead by presenter Milou Turpijn.

Send in your pitch and present your idea

Do you have a related business idea that you would like to test? After the table discussion with the three experts, there will be an interactive part where three members of the audience can present their plan and receive live feedback. All you have to do is pitch your idea when you register for the event. Rijk Zwaan will select three submissions that will be presented and discussed during the event. So is you have an idea about horticulture data that you would like to pitch to experts, don’t hesitate to register and submit your plan!

We hope to see you at 27 May! Don’t forget to register, so you don’t forget or miss any updates.

When? 27 May, 16.00 till 17.30 CEST, the table talk is in English

Click here to register at the Rijk Zwaan website

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