Is IoT for business all talk and no action?

October 18, 2016

We’ve all seen the statistics: the Internet of Things is poised to change industry as we know it. The future will be full of connected devices, all communicating with each other. Depending on which report you read, we’ve got a countdown of X years before we reach this connected future.

…so when do we get there?

With all these predictions, no one can be blamed for thinking that IoT’s impact on business and industry is something we’re waiting for. So when do we get there? In our collective anticipation on the hyper-connected future, we risk overlooking what’s right in front of us: IoT is here, and real businesses are leveraging connected devices to be more efficient, sustainable and productive– today.

IoT is here, and it’s not sci fi

From agriculture to heavy industry, real estate to museums, businesses are monetizing sensory data and using insights from their environments enhance human decision making, improve foresight and increase profitability. Below are a few examples:

The Port of Amsterdam, one of Europe’s busiest ports, uses wireless sensors to maximize productivity and manage throughput. Magnetic sensors installed in port docks give a live heat map, providing ships with clear directions on where to dock. Pressure sensors monitoring mooring post damage provide insights on throughput and reduce the need for manual inspection.

The GGZ (Dutch Association of Mental Health and Addiction Care), among the largest healthcare organizations in the Netherlands, cuts office costs and maximizes ROI by making space utilization data-driven. PIR and vibration sensors measure room occupancy and computer usage, giving direct feedback on needed expenditures and investments.  A live floor map analyzes peak times and average usage, reducing excess capacity and spending.

Industrial pepper growers Kwekerij Moors increased pepper yield by strategically placing infrared temperature sensors, gathering data from multiple points in their environment. With data captured on the surface temperature of peppers, Moors optimized the delivery of nutrients and water to their plants, reducing losses from sunscald.

Can I implement IoT in my business?

If your organization has something to measure, there’s a business case for wireless sensors. Let’s talk.

We want to hear from you: what would you measure?Let us know how to reach you below, and we'll get in touch with what sensors are best for your business context.



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