30MHz Partners with the Port of Amsterdam

June 30, 2016

The Port of Amsterdam and wireless sensor company 30MHz have entered into a strategic partnership. The 30MHz Sensor Toolkit will help the Port of Amsterdam turn their physical environment into data. The first project of the partnership between 30MHz and Port of Amsterdam includes the monitoring of the IJpalen in IJmuiden.

At IJmuiden large ships are being partly unloaded (lichteren) to make them fit through the dock. The IJpalen have to deal with extreme forces during the unloading process which causes damage every once in awhile. Therefore, there is a need to get insights in potential caused damage. With ZENSIE the port authority can get insights in unusual situations and indicate created wear. “The quality levels of the state of the IJpalen can be guaranteed and repair costs are saved at the same time”, says Jurg van Vliet, CEO of 30MHz.

This afternoon both parties gathered at the REM Eiland to officially launch the collaboration. Jurg van Vliet and Roon van Maanen shook hands. Van Maanen: “We think that sensor technology in general, and ZENSIE in particular, can help us improve our operations and save resources for ourself and our customers.”

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