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30MHz on a mission with a trade mission to Mexico

September 01, 2022

30MHz is a tech company with a mission, and to reinforce it, we will be joining a trade mission to Mexico. Together with a select number of other Dutch companies, knowledge will be exchanged and contacts forged with Mexican government authorities and companies. The aim is to put specialist Dutch knowledge on the market to support sustainable developments in Mexico.

Chief Commercial Officer Timo Spruijt

Chief Commercial Officer Timo Spruijt is participating in the trade mission to Mexico on behalf of 30MHz. “Our mission with 30MHz is to help make the world a healthier place through innovation and digitisation. With our products and services, we help companies in the horticultural sector optimise their cultivation methods by using fertilisers, energy and water as efficiently as possible.”

The trade mission will visit various regions around the cities of Mexico City, Sinaloa and Guadalajara over a period of five days, during which talks are planned with local government officials and Mexican entrepreneurs. “30MHz has already been active in Mexico for a while. Various horticultural companies are already using our innovative applications and products, including the recently launched Irrigation Management App. We’re looking forward to sharing our specialist knowledge and experience on how to use water as efficiently as possible in horticulture. We’re also keen to learn from the knowledge and experience of others, and we’re particularly interested in finding out about the needs of local authorities and entrepreneurs.”

Contact and collaboration

Timo Spruijt continues: “This trade mission will be supervised by special water envoy Henk Ovink. On behalf of the Dutch government, he will bring Mexican government authorities and companies into contact with the Dutch delegation during this trade mission. Sharing knowledge, working together and getting to know each other better are, of course, the basis of a solid trading relationship. Mexico is a large country by Dutch standards, and evolving at a rapid pace. Our expertise and technology, based around sustainability and in particular the efficient use of water, can undoubtedly stimulate further growth.”

The agenda for the week from Sunday 4 September to Saturday 10 September is completely full. “It’s going to be hard work, but I’m really looking forward to meeting everyone. A lot of positive developments are already underway in Mexico. With this trade mission, I expect that developments will be able to really flow – to use a water metaphor – thanks to Dutch knowledge, technology and innovative solutions,” says Spruijt.

Irrigation Management Guide

Optimize your irrigation strategy by monitoring and managing soil or substrate moisture levels with the use of Moisture sensors, moisture thresholds, and irrigation alerts.

Gain control over the root zone environment by making measurements, observing trends over time, and using this information to make irrigation decisions.

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Saving Water Together

30MHz is one of the thirty companies accompanying the trade mission. Others include Atradius, Wavin, Royal Brinkman and the IHE Delft Institute for Water Education. “From my perspective, the trade mission will be a success if we can establish contacts with companies and government authorities who can benefit from our applications and products, and if we can give our mission to create a healthier world through collaboration a boost. There’s a good reason for our motto ‘Saving water together’.”

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