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30MHz: ‘New 2Grow app offers detailed plant insights to grow smarter’

December 10, 2020

Biotechnology company 2Grow and 30MHz have joined forces to develop smart data tools that provide growers, breeders and researchers with even more detailed insights into the health and needs of their plants. This year they developed a new application: 2Grow Plant Insights. The app will become available as of January 2021 on the 30MHz platform.

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2Grow offers sensors that collect data about the sap flow and stem diameter of plants. 30MHz and 2Grow have been collaborating on sensor technologies since 2019 and users of the 30MHz platform can easily connect 2Grow sensors to their dashboards. 2Grow Plant Insights now also provides them with additional, detailed information on  the various ways their plant is being influenced.

“The 2Grow application gives you a better understanding of what exactly is happening with your plant, without having to use all kinds of formulas,” explains 30MHz account manager Tim Busschops. “It is an all-in-one solution: a data visualisation to make the information easy to digest, a combination of various data sources and consultancy, as you can see how your plant responds in real time. This is making the user wiser.”

Sapstroom sensor van 2Grow.

2Grows sap flow sensor.

The growers stays in control

“Thanks to the direct feedback from the plant, we can generate many insights”, says Olivier Begerem of 2Grow. “For example, we can see the specific time when problems like blossom end rot and ruptured fruits have occurred. Based on this information we can anticipate to prevent certain problems  in the future. By connecting the 2Grow sensors to the 30MHz platform you can combine other sensor and climate data with our measurements. This gives us the opportunity to draw conclusions much faster and our advice becomes more accurate.”

By consulting the measurements 2Grow can give advice on methods to make the plant more resistant to diseases. This information gets saved in the database for future reference. If you search for a specific temperature, you can see the advice that was given for that situation in the past. For example; when it’s a hot week in July, you can search the database for the advice that was given during a similar hot week the year before.

“Our platform offers more and more tools for the grower”, says Tim Busschops from 30MHz. “As a grower you stay in control. You decide which data sources and apps you want to use to optimise and improve your results.”

2Grow and 30MHz are connecting people and plants

Growers and breeders have a great need for information. On the 30MHz platform users can combine 2Grows measurements with information from other data sources like a Soil Moisture sensor.

“Therefore, we are very pleased to be able to expand the platform with this application and provide more value to our customers,”, explaines 30MHz Head of Product Cor-Jan Holwerda. “30MHz is a platform where all the data and knowledge from growers and from consultants and suppliers in the industry become connected. It’s a central platform to visualise, combine, store and share all your data and convert them into actionable insights.”

The 2Grow app will be available on the 30MHz platform for free as of January 2021. Would you like to start using the app? Or do you have any questions? Let us know:

Watch our webinar with Olivier of 2Grow:

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