Lecture: Technologies for precision agriculture

September 13, 2017

During Seed Meets Technology, we will present three new technologies that will bring agriculture to a new level of precision. We’ll tell you how these innovations work and how companies use them to their benefit.

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Real-time dew point monitoring at crop level
Dewpoint measurements are not new, but dew point insights on crop level and at times important to you, is. This application has a proven track record in, pepper, strawberry and tomato cultivation industries.

Soil moisture sensors
Whether you grow your products in pots, substrate mats or the full soil, 30MHz makes it possible to get affordable, scalable and wireless insights into the moisture content of all kinds of crops.

Sensors for agriculture
Where our sensory applications already find their way within the greenhouse horticulture, it is now possible for arable farming and cultivation in open ground to use this flexible, scalable and wireless networking solution. This is due to the development of a mobile gateway, which is powered by solar panels. In addition, a built-in dongle provides data traffic so you no longer depend on a fixed internet connection.

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Join us at the British Tomato Conference 2017
30MHz is excited to be exhibiting at the 2017 British Tomato Conference this Wednesday and Thursday (September 20th through 21st). From granular plant temperature measurement to temperature and humidity and crop-level dew point,  we’ll be presenting the latest in sensor technology and sharing stories about customers leveraging crop and greenhouse data to make tomato growing more energy ...
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Lezing: Hoe draadloze sensoren helpen bij precisieagricultuur
Tijdens Seed Meets Technology presenteert 30MHz drie nieuwe technologieën die de tuin- als landbouw naar een nieuw niveau van precisieteelt brengen. We vertellen je hoe de innovaties werken en hoe bedrijven deze inzetten in hun omgeving. Je kunt je hier opgeven voor de lezing Real-time dauwpuntmonitoring op gewasniveau Dauwpuntmetingen zijn niet nieuw, maar dauwpuntinzichten op ...
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Visit our stand at Seed Meets Technology
From the 26th until the 28th we’ll be showing our latest sensor innovations at Seed Meets Technology in Zwaagdijk. Next to that we’re more than happy to answer all your questions about our current solutions such as the Pointed Temperature Sensor, the temperature/humidity sensor, and the PAR-sensor. Register for free Here’s a list of what we will be showing ...
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