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Smart sensing for shipping and transport

Better decisions with real-time data

Make better decisions by monitoring
parking, asset condition and usage, assembly line and conveyor belt usage and shipping conditions
Use real-time sensory data on your location and assets to optimize operations, mitigate risk, and prevent business interruption. Track and optimize conditions with real-time data straight to your smartphone, tablet or desktop.

The 30MHz Smart Sensing Toolkit is the starting point of your wireless sensor network. Choose the right combination of sensors for your business needs, link existing sensors you’re working with and get started in minutes. Add more sensors and scale easily whenever you need.

Smart sensing in action

Ensuring safe transport conditions for living cargo

Using temperature humidity sensors to monitor conditions inside trucks, and temperature sensors installed inside beehives, Bejo Seeds ensures optimal conditions for the safe transport of bees around Europe. Drivers receive alerts on changes to the cargo environment, knowing when to ventilate or cool the hives.

Anticipating asset maintenance needs in one of Europe’s busiest ports

The Port of Amsterdam uses 30MHz sensors and a customized ZENSIE dashboard to generate real-time 3D models of offshore mooring posts. Angular sensors and ultra sonar sensors give insight into port usage by impact on the mooring posts. Alerts on early damage to the assets enables the port to anticipate maintenance, extend asset lifetime, prevent interruptions and lower costs.

Optimizing port usage with live occupancy heat-maps

Magnetic vehicle-detecting sensors monitor “parking” in the Port of Amsterdam. The sensors generate a live heat-map, providing ships with clear directions on where to dock.

30MHz features

You’re in control

The Smart Sensing Toolkit is designed for customization: control what you conditions you measure, how you see your data and user permissions from any device.

Fast deployment

Unbox your sensors and start measuring. Set up a wireless network in minutes, regardless of technical abilities.


Our interface was built to deliver value across your organization. It’s intuitive and easy to customize, so your whole team can use it without a steep learning curve.

Own your data

It’s data on your business environment, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t own it. Customers are sole proprietors of data, and can export it easily in CSV.
How can smart sensing transform your industry?
Physical data can help you drive productivity, increase sustainability and cut costs. Let's chat about which sensors are right for your context.