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Smart sensing for horti- and agriculture

Better decisions with crop-level monitoring

“When the health and quality of our product is at stake, it’s crucial that we have accurate data.”

Marcel Fit
Jan de Wit en Zonen
Flower Bulbs
"The more we measure, the more we know and the better we can arrange our greenhouses."
Sander Berkers
Kwekerij Moors
real-time monitoring, farm to fork
Agri-research, cultivation, vertical, glasshouse and arable, livestock, cold storage, transport and retail
30MHz provides all the elements growers need to set up a wireless sensor network and start monitoring in moments, without technical expertise: a choice of sensors, a scalable network with flawless uptime, and an intuitive analytics dashboard with real-time charts, visualizations and alerts.

Identify opportunities to improve processes and eliminate inefficiencies, optimise operations and prevent unnecessary loss and save energy.

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Smart sensing in action

Monitoring VPD in greenhouses

A combination of plant temperature, ambient temperature, and relative humidity measurements, vapor pressure deficit (or VPD) can be captured with our dew point sensor. These measurements are extremely powerful for growers.

Measuring soil moisture levels in fields

Get real-time alerts on changing levels of moisture across soil substrates. Measure greenhouse conditions or arable soil, and use your own data to benchmark and optimize irrigation.

Monitoring dew point in greenhouses

Combine metrics on surface temperature, ambient temperature, and humidity to determine and track dew point continuously on crop level.

Tracking the object temperature of peppers

Dutch Pepper Farmers Kwekerij Moors used sensory data on pepper temperature to optimize the delivery of nutrients and water, reducing loss of vegetables at an ROI of 3600%.

Optimizing flower bulb ventilation

Dutch flower bulb exporters Jan de Wit en Zonen use real-time alerts and analytics from temperature and humidity sensors, ethylene sensors and air speed sensors to monitor and optimize conditions during bulb drying and processing.

Monitoring flower bulbs in cold storage

Dutch flower bulb storage supplier CNB uses wireless sensors to monitor tulip bulbs during storage: temperature humidity sensors are placed into sealed enclosures for 9 months at very low temperatures, monitoring conditions continuously and in real-time.

Counting bags of seeds on a conveyor belt

Pop Vriend Seeds use a conveyor belt counting sensor and the 30MHz analytics platform to optimize production lines. The sensor counts every passing bag, while the ZENSIE dashboard displays data for various dates and times.

30MHz features

You’re in control

The Smart Sensing Toolkit is designed for customization: control what you conditions you measure, how you see your data and user permissions from any device.

Fast deployment

Unbox your sensors and start measuring. Set up a wireless network in minutes, regardless of technical abilities.


Our interface was built to deliver value across your organization. It’s intuitive and easy to customize, so your whole team can use it without a steep learning curve.

Own your data

It’s data on your business environment, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t own it. Customers are sole proprietors of data, and can export it easily in CSV.

Agricultural customers that work with us

“When the health and quality of our product is at stake, it’s crucial that we have accurate data.”

Jan de Wit en Zonen
Flower Bulbs
How can smart sensing transform your industry?
Physical data can help you drive productivity, increase sustainability and cut costs. Let's chat about which sensors are right for your context.
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