watching your cow
Taking care of your data by learning from it
Sensitive Monitoring the Internet of Things
Monitoring your goods with our sensor data blocks
Watching your cow beyond the horizon
At 30Mhz we monitor for the Internet of Things. We collect, store and analyse the sensor data these “things”return.
Movement, vibration, audio, indoor climate
It does not matter if it is from a private network or a public location. We have locations all over the world
facts from your goods that you heart

We take it personal and are committed to sustain your growth.


counting on our system and our team we have access to amazing knowledge:
the data + the analysis


by learning from your data we adapt and readjust. Continuosly anticipating your needs


we are conscious about data misusement Therefore we are sensitive while handling your value.

The Team
We are fully committed to "watching your cow", anytime, anywhere
Collecting, analysing, reporting & learning from your data.
By doing that we can keep evolving and developing better products just in order to
meet our mission.
 Get yourself peace of mind
A proud dutch company located in the heart of the city center.
We enjoy of our own vintage wine cellar and organize inspirational wine tasting sessions.
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