Troubleshooting the 30MHz mother

The 30MHz mother is the gateway device that gets the data from the sensors and sends them to the cloud. The 30MHz mother needs to be connected to a power supply (wall socket) and it should also be connected to the internet, via:

  • a WiFi connection, or
  • an Ethernet (cable connection), or
  • a 3G mobile network.

The minimum ports we need for the 30MHz mother:

  • 443 TCP – This is the most fundamental requirement – it is used to connect to the VPN and the web terminal, and many web endpoints using TLS (https://.)
  • 123 UDP – For NTP time synchronisation.
  • 53 UDP – For DNS name resolution.

Each of these should work with outward only (and inward once outward connection established) firewall settings.

Additionally, if your network works with whitelisting, you should whitelist the following domains on Port 80 and 443:


If the 30MHz mother is not working, you will get a notification at the top, right corner of the dashboard:


In case you see this notification, here is a list of things you can check:

  • Is the 30MHz mother plugged to the power socket?
  • Is there internet connection to the ethernet wall socket? (for ethernet connections)
  • Is your router port open? (for ethernet and wifi connections)
  • Check your firewall settings. (for ethernet and wifi connections)
  • Check the WiFi connection details (eg. correct password).

If you use 3G connection, there might be troubles with the SIM card settings. In this case, contact us.

Hint: to reset the mother, you can unplug and reconnect it to power. 

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