Installing the 30MHz mother and sensors

The basic steps to install the 30MHz mother and the sensors, are:

  1. Plug the 30MHz mother to power.
  2. Connect the 30MHz mother to internet via ethernet. For more information and troubleshooting read: Troubleshooting the 30MHz Mother.
  3. Place the sensors next to the 30MHz mother.
  4. Open the dashboard and login. Read more about:
    1. How to create a ZENSIE account
    2. How to login to ZENSIE
    3. ZENSIE basic concepts
  5. Wait until the sensors come online (mostly within 1 minute).
  6. Put the mother at the designated location.
  7. Mount the antenna of the 30MHz mother as close to the sensors as possible (of course limited by length of the cable). Mounting the antenna at a height of about 3 meters will give best results.
  8. Place the sensors at the location where you want to measure.
  9. Check if the sensors are still returning data in the dashboard.
  10. If sensors are not returning data (wait for 5 minutes), place a 30MHz router in between the 30MHz mother and the sensor(s).
  11. Sensors are now online.

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