How to change the monitoring frequency

There are two ways you can control when and how often your sensors collect data:

  1. Create a scheduled monitoring by specifying days and times
  2. Change the monitoring frequency, i.e. how often your sensors collect data.

1. Scheduled Monitoring

To schedule the monitoring we use CRON jobs. CRON is an expression that helps you specify the times and the days for collecting your data.

To create a CRON job, go to Checks view, click on a sensor check and select the Settings tab. At the Advanced settings you will find the CRON field.

For example, if you want to collect data on weekdays (from Monday to Friday) and from 8:00am until 17:00 then you can use the following expression:

If you are not familiar with CRON expressions you can use on online CRON converter (for example here).

2. Monitoring Frequency

To change the frequency of the data collection, go to the Checks view and click on a check. Go to Settings, Advanced Settings.

The FREQUENCY field indicates how many times within an hour, a mother will request data from a sensor. The default value is 60 seconds, which means data are sent every minute.


Some common frequencies you can use:

  • every 5 minutes: change the frequency value to 300
  • every hour: change the frequency value to 3600

Currently, most of the sensor devices do not support monitoring frequency less than a minute. If you try to put the frequency of such a sensor device to less than 60, you will see a warning message:


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