How to add chart widgets

Chart widgets contain graphs with multiple data points for a selected time frame. You first have to choose an aggregation view:

  • Single charts: display individual graphs for every sensor you select.
  • Combine sensors in one widget: display data from multiple sensors in one graph.


Next, select the sensors you want to add to the widget(s), and click NEXT:


Finally you can:

  • Change the title of the widget(s).
  • Select the time period of the graph. For example, if you want to display data of last week, select “Last 7 days”.
  • Select the interval size which indicates the frequency of the data. For example, if you want to see what happens on an hourly basis, select “per hour”. Or if you want to see daily data select “per day”.
  • Select the statistics you would like to see (averages, min, max or sums). The default selection is averages.




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