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Profile details

Fill in your profile details, your first and last name is required.

Fill in your email and mobile phone number if for instance, you are planning to turn on notifications.

Set the timezone to optimize your data.

In Zensie you have two language options, English and Dutch.


Customize your metric settings


Here you can change your default settings such as:

Wind Speed options
M/S: Meters per second
MPH: Miles per hour

Light options
μmol m−2 s−1:
W/m2: Watts per square meter
Watts per square meter (305 – 2800nm)
mol m−2 s−1 (mol m−2 s−1)
mol_m-2_m-1 (use freq. 60sec.) (mol_m-2_m-1)
µmol_m-2_m-1 (use freq. 60sec.) (µmol_m-2_m-1)

Temperature options
Celsius (°C)
Fahrenheit (°F)

Volumetric options
xTwee (%)

CO2 options
Parts per million (ppm)
Percentage (%)

Internet data options

Internet connection time options
Seconds alive
Minutes alive
Hours alive
Days alive

Electrical Conductivity µS/cm OCLD18 options

Radiation options
Watt per square meter (W/m2)
Watt per square centimeter (W/cm2)

How to configure your notifications (on or off)

When you are on your account settings page click on the tab Notifications.


Now swipe towards the right to turn the notification on (blue), left to turn it off (grey).

Create your own dashboard themes

Want to add a personal touch to your Zensie system?
Then you are at the right place, scroll down to find out more.

While you are in your account settings, go to Themes.
Select the + to create a new theme.

Go through the steps of choosing your own colors.

And as final touch to your own created theme; upload your company logo and click on create.