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How to create a ZENSIE account

To access the ZENSIE dashboard you need an invitation from us or from the organization owners. You will get a “Welcome to ZENSIE” email, including a link for creating a new password and activating your ZENSIE account.

How to log in to ZENSIE

If you used your google account to create a  ZENSIE account, click on the Sign in with Google.

If you used another email address, fill in your email and password to log in.

The Account Settings page in ZENSIE

At the Account Settings page you can:

  • Change your Profile information

  • View the details of your Organization and make changes if you are the owner.




How to invite a user to ZENSIE

You can only invite new users, if you are an owner in your organization. Do you want to learn more about user roles and permissions? Read Getting to know ZENSIE.

To invite new users to your organization:

1. Click at the Account Settings link, at the side bar menu.

2. At the Users tab, click on the green plus (+) button to invite a new user.

3. Fill in the details of the new user and click INVITE.

Billing overview

The billing overview shows you the monthly subscription costs. To access the billing overview go to Account Settings, and click at the Billing tab. Note that this page can only be accessed from the owners of the organization.

In the billing overview, you can find the total subscription costs of every month. The subscription model we use is based on:

  1.  a fixed monthly price per Gateway, and
  2. a flexible monthly cost based on the monitoring frequency of every sensor.

To see the details of every cost, click on a month to expand the billing information:

The sensor/webcheck activity is calculated based on the monitoring frequency. An example of the estimated activity based on some of the most commonly used frequencies are:

You can see details of the flexible costs based on the activity by clicking on the view tiers.

Configure permissions based on roles

Set permissions when inviting members to join groups, or adjust permissions at any time.
Followers can view data and comments, without contributing. Editors can add sensors to the group, create widgets and dashboards and add comments, with no administrative role. Alongside all other capabilities, owners can control roles within the group, control the group name, add new members, and choose to delete groups.

In this table, we explain the difference between roles.

Invite membersDepends on group settings and can only invite editors/followersDepends on group settings and can only invite followers
Edit member roles
Delete membersOnly if they invited them in the first placeOnly if they invited them in the first place
Create dashboards
Edit dashboard names
Delete dashboards
Add sensors
Remove sensors   (if they shared it)   (if they shared it)
Create widgets in dashboard
Edit widgets in dashboard
Edit Group names, descriptions, and contol who can invite other members