Bejo Zaden

Bejo Zaden is one of the leading global specialists in vegetable seeds, with locations in more than 30 countries all over the world. The company uses real-time alerts on truck and beehive conditions during transportation of bees from Northern France to Bejo’s headquarter in Warmenhuizen, the Netherlands. A mobile 30MHz mother enables continuous monitoring of temperature and humidity within trucks, ensuring that the bees are transported in optimal conditions. Truck drivers and Bejo Zaden Warmenhuizen employees follow real-time changes in the conditions through the ZENSIE dashboard and are alerted when intervention is needed.

Port of Amsterdam

Optimizing port usage with live occupancy heat-maps
Magnetic sensors installed in the docks of one of Europe’s busiest ports generate a live heat-map, providing ships with clear directions on where to dock. Reduced sail time and increased throughput with dock occupancy monitoring for a more efficient and productive port.

Mooring post monitoring anticipates maintenance needs
A custom ZENSIE dashboard provides 3D modelling of the mooring posts. Angular sensor and ultra sonar give insight into port usage by monitoring mooring posts. Alerts on early damage to mooring posts enable the port to anticipate maintenance, extend asset lifetime and lower costs.