On a strategic level, the data collected by ZENSIE gave us added value for our real estate management straight away.

Andre van der Werf, Real Estate Manager at the Dutch Association for Mental Health and Addiction Care (GGZ), Noord-Holland-Noord

The more we measure, the more we know and the better we can arrange our greenhouses. That's why we started working with 30MHz.

Sander Berkers, Plant Manager Kwekerij Moors pepper farm

30MHz is a proactive, young, enthusiastic and dynamic company with a clear focus on the demands and requirements of the customer.

Yorick van Leeuwen, Leader Planning & Control EAME Syngenta

Customer stories

Port of Amsterdam

Improving port productivity with sensory data
To increase economic activity and productivity within the fixed space of the Port of Amsterdam.
Optimizing port usage with live occupancy heat-maps: magnetic sensors installed in the docks of one of Europe’s busiest ports generate a live heat-map, providing ships with clear directions on where to dock. Reduced sail time and increased throughput with dock occupancy monitoring for a more efficient and productive port.

Mooring post monitoring anticipates maintenance needs: a custom ZENSIE dashboard provides 3D modeling of the mooring posts. Angular sensor and ultra sonar give insight into port usage by monitoring mooring posts. Alerts on early damage to mooring posts enable preemptive maintenance, lowering costs and increasing

GGZ-Noord Holland Noord

Using ZENSIE to identify and reduce overhead costs
Improving efficiency and lowering costs while accommodating a flexible desk and room policy.
The Dutch Association for Addiction and Mental Health leverages sensory data optimize space and asset utilization. PIR and vibration sensors measuring room occupancy and computer usage generate a live occupancy floor map and analyze peak times and average use in an office with a flexible desk and room policy. The resulting increase in efficiency and reduction in excess capacity for over 100 rooms and over 1500 desktop computers has led to significant reduction in costs.

World Trade Center Schiphol

Using sensors to monitor and optimize space usage
Monitoring and streamlining office space utilization
A hub of international commerce, the World Trade Center at Schiphol Airport is host to some of the world’s most recognizable companies. WTC Schiphol uses sensors to monitor the occupancy of meeting rooms and leisure facilities, ensuring greater efficiency in space utilization.


Using sensors to improve office space utilization
Monitoring, analyzing and optimizing the use of meeting rooms and office space with sensory data
Known as one of Germany’s most successful startups, Trivago is a multinational technology company specialized in internet-related services and products in the fields of hotels, lodging and metasearch. The company uses sensors to monitor meeting room occupancy, improving efficiency in office space usage.

Dacklapack Group

Using sensors to maximize conveyor belt output
Maximizing ROI of conveyor belts
A market leading producer of packaging, the Dacklapack Group is a global group of companies with offices in Europe, Asia and North America. Dacklapack uses sensory data to optimize conveyor belt usage and maximize output, increasing the ROI of its production line assets.

Pop Vriend Seeds

Optimizing seed processing with conveyor belt monitoring
Ensuring optimal output and efficient conveyor belt usage at a seed processing facility
Netherlands-based industrial seed producers Pop Vriend Seeds use a conveyor belt counting sensor and the 30MHz platform to track, analyze and optimize production lines. The sensor counts every passing bag, while the ZENSIE dashboard displays data for various dates and times.


Using sensors to monitor lab conditions
Maintaining optimal laboratory conditions at all times
Iribov is a Netherlands-based service laboratory focused on tissue culture services and analyses of plants, employing a team of around 350 people. The company uses 30MHz temperature humidity sensors to monitor and optimize lab conditions while conducting work.

CNB Bulbs

Monitoring bulbs in cold storage
Maintaining optimal conditions for the storage of flower bulbs
CNB is a Netherlands-based commercial mediator in bulbs, tubers and perennials. The company uses wireless sensors to monitor tulip bulbs during cold storage: temperature humidity sensors are placed into sealed enclosures for 9 months at cold temperatures. Sensors give continuous feedback on cold storage conditions, ensuring an optimal environment without manual checks, even in harsh conditions.

Proeftuin Zwaagdijk

Testing data-driven crop protection strategies
Providing relevant and immediate environmental data to a network of over 100 agricultural research centers specialized in crop protection.
Continuous measurement of temperature, relative humidity and CO2 with a wireless sensor network in greenhouses, cold rooms and a mobile unit on the grounds. Captured sensory data gives researchers real-time insight on the ZENSIE dashboard, and is available for export and further analysis.

Jan de Wit & Zonen

Maintaining product quality with monitored environments
Maintaining quality in flower bulb production by monitoring the drying and ventilation of up to 1,000 cubic boxes of flowers.

Using ZENSIE alerts and analytics Netherlands-based flower bulb producers Jan de Wit & Zonen guarantee the functioning of flower ventilators, streamlining the drying and production process, increasing quality and yield.

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