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How can 30MHz help you in digital horticulture?

At 30MHz we are all genuine technology experts. We ensure that our customers and partners have a safe and reliable network at their fingertips. Thanks to our cooperation with horticultural experts such as Delphy and Eurofins Horti, and by frequently testing our new technology in practice at growers, we ensure that we continue to offer ...
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Coordinating cultivation processes across multiple locations

To properly serve the horticultural industry, a data platform must make it easy to compare the situation at various locations – regardless of where these are situated: nearby, elsewhere in the same country or on the other side of the world. The 30MHz data platform is built with a view to facilitating collaboration. This means ...
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Combining green thumbs and digital technology

What’s printed in today’s newspaper was already available online yesterday. We make our phone calls more frequently through an app, and can buy just about anything online. The world has undergone a significant digital transformation in the past decade. No branch of industry has been excluded from this development, including horticulture. Nevertheless, we have not ...
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Combine all data sources from your greenhouse for optimum cultivation results

Of course, you want to know exactly what is happening in your greenhouse, from the humidity level to the temperature of your crop. Nowadays, all of this information can be presented in a single dashboard on your smartphone or PC. Before digital tools like these were available, growers depended primarily on a reactive strategy. Thanks ...
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Top 3 most viewed ‘How to’ videos about the 30MHz data platform

The 30MHz data platform retrieves accurate, real-time data from 30MHz sensors and climate systems in your greenhous(es). You can easily translate this data into insightful graphs, diagrams and heatmaps. You can also set notifications and share dashboards. Keep all your statistics about your crops in one central and user-friendly place that is accessible via any ...
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3 tips for setting up a valuable PAR dashboard

It can be a challenge for a grower to get sufficient PAR light insights that are collected with the 30MHz sensors. So I have created a dashboard model where the PAR Light data in combination with other sensor values are visualized. Three tips for carefully measuring PAR light data and a manual for setting up ...
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30MHz platform now also in Spanish

The 30MHz platform has now been translated into Spanish, in addition to Dutch, French and English. Being the data platform within horticulture for all growers, we see great interest coming from Spanish-speaking areas. It is therefore a logical step for us to offer all information in the platform in the mother tongue of our customers, ...
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Dutch agri-data platform 30MHz raises 6.5 million euros

The Amsterdam scale-up 30Mhz, the leading data platform for the agricultural sector, has raised EUR 6.5 million in a second round of investment funding from Rubio Impact Ventures, Participatiefonds Duurzame Economie Noord-Holland, the Rabo Food & Agri Innovation Fund, SHIFT Invest II and the Goeie Grutten Impact Fund. The money will be used for the ...
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30MHz latest updates: Fast feed and your own weather station

At 30MHz, we are continuously working on improving our data platform. New features and updates are introduced every month. Sometimes visible, sometimes it’s covered behind the scenes. This is a list of our recently updated or introduced features.  Faster feed loading Time is limited. Especially in horticulture, where there are so many other tasks on ...
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Soon: improve plant balance with 30MHz RTR package

This month a small group of growers started using our RTR feature. At the moment, we are finalizing this widget on our platform. The selected customer group will use this new feature in combination with our Pointed Microclimate Sensor and PAR Sensor to monitor plant balance of their crop. This package can provide them with ...
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